Keynote Speeches

Here are the powerful speeches delivered during FutureFest-ALU.

The speeches by Dr Nhlanla Thwala, Gerd Leonhard, and Min now available., and that from Peter Burdin will be available soon.

African Education and Digital Technology: Opportunities for Disrupting Education in Africa - Dr Nhlanla Thwala (Provost, African Leadership University)

In this video, Dr Nhlanla explores how digital technology will enable Africa to achieve the democratic education ideals proposed by John Dewey, a renowned philosopher and education reformer.

It is a very insightful speech that promises to challenge the current paradigms on which the African (and most) education systems are built. A must watch for anyone interested in revolutionising education in the world.

The Future and Africa: The 3 Ds - Gerd Leonhard (Digital Futurist)

Ever wondered how to prepare for the future? Or thought of what Africa's could be? If yes, this is the speech you need to hear.

In his keynote, Gerd Leonhard, a digital futurist based in Zurich, Switzerland, talks about the Future of Africa in light of 3 Ds: Digitisation, Decarbonisation, and Democratisation. He gives a more nuanced view on current digital developments, shifts regarding carbon/fossil-fuel use, and increased access to digital technology. Moreover, Gerd's talk sheds insights on how we can leverage technology without losing our humanity. As he says, we must "embrace technology but not become it!"

To get Gerd's book “Technology vs Humanity”, go to

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Africa Is Open for Innovation - Min Lee (CEO, Reddot Mauritius)

Coming Soon

  • Closing Address: Peter Burdin (Africa Bureau Expert)