FutureFest-ALU 2019 in Pictures

Re-live the FutureFest-ALU 2019 experience through the the passion of the participants and the dedication of a dynamic team working tirelessly to put together that amazing adventure towards the future.

Embark on this journey and get a hint of what FutureFest-ALU 2021 will be!

Behind the Scene

FutureFest-ALU 2019 was a success thanks to the dedication of a passionate and dynamic team working behind the scenes and constantly pushing beyond their limits to blaze the trail for the upcoming editions.

The Event

Day 1

Centered around "FutureScoping", the first day of the event was very interactive with talks and voluntary breakout sessions where participants brainstormed about how they envision the future.

Day 2

Further to the interactive first day, day two focused on "FutureScaping" with capacity building workshops where participants came up with ideas and ways to work towards the future they envisioned in day one.

Day 3

"Taking ownership of our own future". Centered around that spirit, day 3 put the youth at the forefront with various exhibition centered around sustainable development.

Media Coverage

Participants Experience